Reviewing the WearEver C943SF Pure living Non-stick Ceramic Covering

WearEver C943SF Pure living Non-stick Ceramic Covering

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  • WearEver C943SF Pure living Non-stick Ceramic Covering
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  • Published on: August 10, 2015
  • Last modified: April 13, 2016
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Review Summary:

WearEver C943SF Non-stick Cookware Set comes with specific silicone handles offering a secure and comfy grip. This PFOA-Free, PTFE-Free and Cadmium-Free Dishwasher Secure Cookware Set enable you to cook healthily and ecological friendly. Cooking is very simple with this nice looking cookware set.

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WearEver C943SF Non-stick Cookware Set has specific silicone handles offering a secure and comfy grip. The handles are able to withstand temperature up to 350 degrees; therefore, they’re suitable for an array of recipes. This cookware Set is PTFE-free, PFOA-free, recyclable and cadmium-free. Put simply, it’s an excellent Set if you care about health plus the environment. The actual pans are manufactured from aluminum but possess a ceramic covering, which gives great scratch plus stain resistance. WearEver C943SF non-stick Cookware really is essentially the most durable set of cookware that you could purchase from WearEver. From induction aside, this set may be used for all ways of cooking virtually. The bits of this particular cookware may endure a heat of 7500 Fahrenheit; therefore, it is a fantastic choice if you like baking.

Enticing Features

  • Ergonomically-designed fascinated handles for additional durability and comfort
  • The particular PFOA-Free, PTFE-Free, Cadmium-Free plus Recyclable enable you to cook healthily and is ecologically friendly.
  • Resistant to higher temperatures alongside simple release, nonstick ceramic finish
  • The particular heavy gauge aluminum along with ceramic coating provides exceptional stain level of resistance, superior scratch level of resistance and is the most long lasting ceramic cookware with regard to WearEver.
  • Top quality aluminum base supplies heat allocation for you to cook competently.
  • It really is safe for several cooking methods other than induction.
  • Dimensions: 25.4 x 15.5 x 14.4 inches
  • It comes with Limited Lifetime Guarantee.


  • Nice Looking Sturdy Handle The handles possess a rubbery grip consistency that is appropriate to hold plus good to hold lids to fit for all the frying pans. It is amazing to have a complete, reasonable set and item using ceramic technology is certainly among the perfect innovation to come around.
  • Durable Construction  The heavy gauge aluminum core construction plus ceramic base offer long-lasting durability. The Simple Release ceramic non-stick interior is incredibly spot and scratch proof to keep up the cookware’s beauty.
  • PTFE Free The standard ceramic non-stick inside enables you to cook along with much less oil, with regard to healthier meals. Besides, WearEver Pure Living Cookware is environmental friendly.
  • Heat Resistant up to 7500 F Cooking food surface area of the WearEver Pure Living Cookware withstands enlarged temperatures and it is ideal for searing. It has an ability to contain heat resistant up to 7500 F.
  • Designed Silicone Riveted Handle Ergonomically The silicone handles permit for a comfy and secure grip. The particular handles can make with high temperature around 350 Degree Fahrenheit.


  • Very Sticky: These pans are very sticky and their outsides may be damaged everywhere now.
  • Medium Heat: This cookware is hand-washed only. It works not over medium heat.

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Why you should buy a WearEver C943SF Cookware Set

Easy to handle This particular Cookware is performing a nice job and isn’t messy to completely clean when finished making use of. Utilizing the ceramic pans and pots lead to simple cooking and tidy up. It’s a lot less hard to accomplish cleansing. All the pieces can be placed into the oven at extreme temps conveniently. White decorations make it simple enough in order to observe how things are usually cooking. Cooking is very simple with this nice looking cookware set.

Scratch Resistant and Sturdy WearEver C943SF Real Living non-stick Scratch-Resistant robust Ceramic Coating vigorous PTFE-PFOA-Cadmium Totally free Dishwasher secure and sound Stove Safe Cookware Set is easy for cooking as well as simpler to clean up.

Outstanding Performance When it gets hotter on a medium environment you’re great to go plus you’ll actually adjust straight down following that. It really is non-stick and nice performance. A weighty set of cookware that has an overall performance sense as well as the utensils given this is cheap plus do detract from the performance of the cookware, though. Nothing at all sticks to them and you’ll have the ability to actually wipe them off to accomplish cleaning them. It is possible to soak it within soapy water having a rapid soft-brushing.

Easy to Use These are easy to use and never hard to clean. I would recommend to somebody who wants to portable easily, speedy cooking plus gorgeous cookware.

Perfect Accessory This kitchenware feels good fashion and tough as well as the handles are smooth touches and cookware is manufactured well along with a pleasure to use. Materials as the description are robust for carry on fire and a nice set of pots and pans. The white washes nicely with soap and smooth wash sponge. These pans heat much faster and much more equally. Great performance, everything cooks well. Store and the lids beautifully fit each pan.

Tips for Using the Product

Useful Tips upon Lid Use

  1. Whenever removing lids throughout cooking food tilt lid to straight steam away from you and keep face plus hands away from steam vents.
  2. Usually don’t use glass covers which have cracks, scratches or chips and do not try to make maintenance to damaged cookware. Using broken lids or cookware may lead to explosions or injuries to customers or bystanders.
  3. Don’t place hot glass covers under cold water, because the temperature modify can crack the particular glass. This is simply not protected under the warranty.
  4. Whenever leaving behind a protected pan about the particular burner following the warmth is turned straight down, make sure to leave the particular cover up ajar or maybe the steam vent opens up if not vacuum pressure seal can form.
  5. In case a vacuum seal does form, don’t try to remove the cover up from your pan, and contact the T-fal Customer Relations Helpline. Reinforced glass lids are usually oven secure in order to 350°F (175°C).

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Handles and Knobs

  1. Knobs and handles can get scorching under certain conditions.
  2. Have pot holders designed for use always.
  3. When cooking food, make certain handles aren’t positioned over some other very hot burners.
  4. Some knobs and handles which are attached with screws might loosen over time. If this occurs, they must be retightened.
  5. Do not more than tighten, as this could result in harm to the knob or lid. If the screw can’t be tightened or handles are usually riveted or welded, call the T-fal Customer Relations Helpline for assistance.


Overall, WearEver C943SF non-stick Cookware is an excellent set. However, many individuals have issues with food adhering right after they’ve possessed the collection with regard to a protracted period of time. Nevertheless, this is not a concern using the set, but instead, a concern with all ceramic cookware. A great way to decrease the rate of recurrence and severity of the issue is to get care of the collection. It’s also vital to understand that this set can’t be used on induction cooktops. Numerous consumers possess unintentionally ruined this particular group of cookware since they used metal items about the cookware, which tears the ceramic renders and coating it ineffective. This is an excellent set of cookware for the price.

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