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Cannonball Ice Ball Tray

Cannonball Ice Ball Tray Pat Geyer, of Rantings of an Amateur Chef, puts HIC’s Cannonball Ice Ball Tray to the test. Pat conducts a melt test of a regular ice cube vs. a sphere shaped ice ball made in the Cannonball Ice Ball Tray, and captures the event with time-lapse photography. Read more… Pat embarks […]

Helen Chen’s Curry Coconut PumpkinSoup

Curry Coconut Pumpkin Soup. Bowl and check patterned bistro towel, from HIC. Our friend Helen Chen, widely acknowledged expert in Chinese cooking, teacher, and cookbook author, has shared a perfect fall recipe with us – her Easy Curry Coconut Pumpkin Soup. Rich and satisfying, it pairs perfectly with crunchy bread (if you’re thinking of baking your […]

Moderna Artisan Double-Wall Thermo Glasses

A good drink — hot or cold — should be about more than just the taste. The smell and look of a beverage round out what can be a simple, yet enjoyable, experience. That’s one reason I like the Moderna Artisan Double-Wall Thermo Glasses. These 8-ounce, heat-resistant glasses insulate your drink while showing it off. Don’t […]

Kitchen Appliances
The rock and roll Lodge Guitar Mini Skillet

This mini skillet is designed to bring some rock and roll to the kitchen. Made in the USA, it’s even the right brand of rock and roll. At 10-3/4 inches by 4-5/8 inches, some Amazon reviewers claim this makes a better spoon holder than actual Skillet, but hey, that’s life in the fast lane. Posted […]

Kitchen Appliances
‘Keep cool and stay calm’ dishes

Anxiety is a very real foe, and these plates are here to help. Handcrafted from white earthenware clay with lettering in black glaze, they remind you to keep cool and stay calm. These dishes are made to order, and are all slightly different from each other, which is pretty cool. Pick up a set of […]

Kitchen Appliances
The White Mountain Appalachian Hand Cranked maker

One of the best parts about summer is traditions. Trips to the beach, family reunions and extra hours of daylight all add up to some great memories. One such tradition for many families — mine included — is enjoying homemade ice cream. While some might wimp out and use an electric motor, the White Mountain Appalachian Hand […]

Kitchen Appliances
Bear Paw Claws

Bear Paw claws are standard equipment in any BBQ King’s castle. They come in great for handling meat during three types of occasions: (1) when you’re dealing with raw meat and don’t want to wash your hands every time you need to move one slab of ribs to marinate the other; (2) when you’ve got […]

Kitchen Appliances
Home Drum Coffee Roaster-a 1970’s WestBend The Poppery

I recently stepped into the world of home coffee roasting, and I may never go back. The Behmor 1600 is an award winning drum roaster that was recommended to me by fellow coffee aficionado, Marco Arment.My home roasting journey is beginning with a 1970’s WestBend The Poppery, which means I am currently air roasting my […]

Kitchen Appliances
Butane Micro Burner for the Coffee Siphon Vacuum Pot

Brewing coffee with my siphon vacuum pot is a blast — especially when guests are over. The coffee is delicious and the process is enjoyable and gratifying. Most siphons come with a glass container with a wick meant for burning denatured alcohol to boil your water. This works, but it can be messy and dangerous, […]