OXO Good Grips Twisting Tea Ball

For most of my life I’ve brewed tea primarily with teabags. It’s only been more in the last year or so that I’ve discovered the joys of loose-leaf teas, namely because 1) they’re fresher and thus taste better, and 2) they’re less wasteful. Brewing loose-leaf tea requires a little more in the way of gear […]

The Field Cast Iron Skillet [Kickstarter]

Yeah, yeah, we’ve praised the benefits of cast iron many times around here. Maybe you’re sick of hearing about it by now. But there’s a Kickstarter project we’re particularly excited about, and couldn’t help sharing it with you: The Field Skillet. These guys are trying to take on the likes of Finex and Lodge with […]

Utopia Kitchen 2-in-1 Salt Pepper Grinder

When you live in a very small space, every decision matters when it comes to space efficiency. This dual-action salt & pepper grinder by Utopia Kitchen is one way to save an extra bit of space. It has two compartments, both with a grinder at either end of the tube. Store salt crystals in one […]

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Burger Press

Cuisinart’s 3-in-1 burger press is useful for making burgers of all kinds. You can shape regular patties up to ¾ lb, or use it to make stuffed burger patties filled with whatever you like, or use the smaller insert for making sliders. It’s also nonstick and dishwasher-safe, plus it’s small enough you can easily bring […]

Science Flask Salt Pepper Shakers

A kitchen is, by its very nature, something of a science lab. These “science flask” salt and pepper shakers by Wild Eye Designs make it actually look that way. Aside from their obvious flask shapes (which are 4″ tall and 2″ wide at the base), they’re both marked with periodic table-style labels to tell them […]

PUR Classic 11-cup Water Filter Pitcher

As a family who lives in a travel trailer full-time, we end up being connected to various water sources at campgrounds and RV parks around the country. Sometimes the water’s fine; other times…not so much. We’ve been guilty of buying water jugs or large packs of bottled water and sticking those in the fridge, rather […]

Nahla Pure “Fridge Pure Max” Icemaker Water Filter

It ain’t the most glamorous item in the world, but if you’re sick of dealing with stinky, bad-tasting ice from your fridge, you’ll want a good inline water filter like the Nahla Pure “Fridge Pure Max”. It’s relatively easy to install and does a great job removing contaminants over the course of 5,000 gallons (approx. […]

Osaka Pour-Over Coffee Dripper with Wood Stand

Osaka’s handsome pour-over coffee dripper w/ wood stand is a full set that has everything you need to make manually brewed pour-over coffee at home. It includes: A wire stand with a stainless steel drip plate and water-resistant wooden trim, which comes in your choice of mahogany, natural, or black. Features non-slip grips underneath. Stainless […]

Wander Workshop’s “Leverage” Bottle Openers [Kickstarter]

Wander Workshop is a family-run design studio made up of Brooklynite couple Mike Boylan and Danielle Pecora. Together they’ve designed a line of sleek, modern bottle openers cast from solid brass — dubbed the “Leverage Collection” — which can be backed on Kickstarter for another seven days (as of March 15th, 2017). There are three […]

Tramontina Professional 8″ Nonstick Skillet

For far too long, my wife and I hung onto a cheap nonstick skillet we picked up from Walmart, the coating of which wore off quick and made it a pain to use sometimes. A couple months ago we finally decided to get a Tramontina Professional 8″ nonstick skillet and we’ve been really happy with […]