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Tips for a Clean, Fresh Microwave Oven Guide

To keep your microwave new, the best practice is to wash your microwave promptly following every use, but many people see this as a time-consuming chore. It does not have to be. When you’re ready to clean, check out a number of our best tips to make this simpler and more successful.Tried and TestedIf your […]

Major Kitchen Appliances
Is Your Microwave a Health Hazard?

Though some advocates of clean, simple and organic living may accuse this kitchen staple of doing everything from emitting too much dangerous electromagnetic radiation in our homes to ruining all of our food, other experts, including the FDA, have repeatedly concluded that modern microwaves are some of the safest appliances around. The agency, by the […]

The Guide To Buy the Best Microwave

The microwave may not be the most important technological breakthrough of our age, but having one in your kitchen has probably saved more hours of your life than you can count. As a new invention, microwaves may have briefly seemed like a luxury, but they’ve long since moved into the category of necessity for most […]