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Buy a Rice Cooker
How To Choose The Best Rice Cooker

You make a point to time starting the rice so that it will be done just when everything else is. You get it started, switch your focus over to the other dishes you’re in the process of cooking and then realize, just a moment too late, that you’ve forgotten the rice. Now you’ve got an […]

How Do I Cut A Head Of Garlic Crosswise?

A garlic clove is a very useful and delicious ingredient that is used in many different recipes. There are plenty of methods that people use to peel and prepare a head of garlic. Many of these methods provide easy ways of getting the cloves out of the head of garlic do that they may be […]

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What Do Beets Taste Like ?

What do beets taste like? Some ingredients have a flavor that is hard to pin down. Often there are subtle flavors that we use and combine to construct flavor profiles. Even still, it is important that you have some understanding of each ingredient and the characteristics that they bring to the table. One humble root […]

The Best Places In The World To Eat Traditional Japanese Foods

In the Japanese culture, there is honor in honing one’s craft and perfecting one’s art. The Japanese people take great pride in perfecting every detail and showcasing their proficiency and skill. So much so that focusing on the perfection of only one particular dish in a Japanese restaurant is not uncommon.It is a culture of […]

Why Is It Delicious To Soak Chicken In Buttermilk?

When you are going to cook chicken, the goal is usually to get the most tender, juicy, and delicious pieces of chicken. This can be a challenge depending on the method of cooking. Fried chicken presents unique challenges, but I have also found fantastic solutions to make sure that the chicken stays as moist and […]

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Some Tips To Roast An Amazing Pig On A Spit

I simply adore backyard cookouts and get together. All of the family friends, and of course, the food. Cookouts with me always have piles of delicious foods to snack on. Even when I hold potluck style parties, I make sure that the main dish is something that is well made and ties the party together. […]

The Best Oils for Roasting

Fat, specifically oil, is an essential component when roasting foods. Without it, you wouldn’t get that lovely crisp, brown caramelization that makes roasted veggies so amazing. There are so many different varieties, and the selection at stores only seems to be growing — so, which oil should you be using for roasting for both safety […]

Why Roasted Vegetables Are Better at Room Temperature

Just like there are people who don’t like their food touching and people who want it all tossed together in a bowl (me!), there are people who like their food hot and people who don’t mind eating it at room temperature (me, again!). Now of course we’re talking about these things in terms of black […]

The Best Way to Use Up Stale Quick Bread

Before you toss that last stale slice of quick bread, know that it still has some delicious life left in it. Here’s how to coax it out. Turn It into Croutons As we’ve already seen with yeasted bread, dry, stale bread makes the very bestcroutons. The same goes for quick bread. While it may no […]

You Have To Try Out Five Fried Recipes

As has already been mentioned in out previous articles, frying is one of the first techniques you will encounter when learning how to cook. But, frying eggs over and over again can be pretty boring. So, we have whipped up some tasty fried recipes that you can prepare for yourself and your family. Easy fried […]