A comprehensive guide To Buy A Stove For Your Kitchen

The stove is considered as the most essential appliance in the kitchen, as this is where virtually all of the cooking takes place. Which is why, even for a beginner, you ought to get a good one for your use. And since you will likely be confused with all the models available, we have put up a comprehensive guide to help you out.

Gas or electric?

gas vs electric stoves
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When shopping for a stove, the first thing to consider is the type of fuel to be used. While there are a variety of fuel types used for stoves, the two most widely used are still electricity and gas, with each having its own advantages worth considering.

Those who prefer gas-fed stoves say that these offer better temperature control, which is great for a wide variety of cooking procedures. On the other hand, the even heat generated by electric stoves are great for things like baking, where you want all sides to come out the same.

Each of the two types of stoves offers several different sub-types.

  • Gas stoves
    • Open burner-This is the most familiar type, with large openings on the cooktop to accommodate the burner. The cooktop can be lifted to clean the drips that accumulated underneath.
    • Sealed-surface burner-This features a sealed cooktop that prevents spills from getting into the burner down below. This makes cleanup easy since you can simply wipe these off from the surface of the stove.
    • Ceramic-glass cooktop-This offer a stylish, easy to clean cooktop and can also accommodate two different heating elements for added versatility.
  • Electric stoves
    • Coil element-This type of stove produces even heat for more uniform cooking. The coil element can be easily removed for cleaning, with the drip pans conveniently located below them.
    • Smooth top stoves-This features an adjustable element that will be able to accommodate varying sizes of cooking utensils. What more, as the cooktop is uninterrupted, it can be cleaned easily.

So, which one do you choose? That will depend on the type of fuel available. Those who already have gas lines installed in their homes will be able to readily opt for gas-fueled stoves. However, if you don’t have such utility, electric stoves will fare better since you don’t have to shell out extra just to have a gas line run to your home.

Stove alternatives

stove alternatives
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However, with the rising prices of electricity and gas, more and more homemakers are looking for alternatives. Aside from reduced costs, these offer other advantages that will be worth considering, though they also have certain drawbacks you have to take into account.

Wood-burning stoves are one of the most popular alternatives for home cooking. What is great about this stoves is that can readily use whatever wood chips you have around, though there are ones that use specially prepared wood bricks for more efficient cooking. Though, you need to be careful, as these ovens can get too hot and run the risk of starting a fire.

Another commonly used alternative is biomass. This one is particularly useful for those living in rural areas where gas lines might not be all that accessible, but biomass (manure, plant clippings, etc.) are readily available. However, you do need to prepare the biomass beforehand to make it suitable for cooking. Some houses also have a special storage area to keep the smell from leaking out.

Lastly, while the solar oven might look like a whimsical contraption, it can also be an alternative. And you can actually build one of these out of stuff in your house though there are commercial ones that offer more efficient heat capture and transfer. Of course, this would be best for places that enjoy a lot of sun.

Design considerations

Another major factor that will determine what type oven you should buy would be the size of your kitchen. This is particularly important if you are living in the city where house area, and thus kitchen space, are often limited.

Here, you have three different types to choose from. Freestanding models are those can be placed anywhere you want, though they would take up considerable space. On the other hand, slide in and drop in models are placed in specially designed stove cabinets. As they are both slimmer than freestanding ones, they fit better in tighter kitchens.


young woman cleaning stove
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Stove cleanup can be a tedious effort, which is why you might want to consider buying “self-clean” models. These feature non-stick smooth cooktops where you can simply wipe off the spills. Do note though that such features will set you back, at least, $300.

If you are not willing to spend that amount and are willing to do the cleanup work, you can still make it easier by choosing a stove with a well-designed cooktop. Here, you want to get one that has sizable drip pans to catch spills. On the other hand, gas stoves with full-surface grates let you move pots around without having to lift them, reducing the risk of spills.