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Baking Expert Guide Review

Whether you are new to baking or have mastered your own sponges, meringues and macarons, we have got a tin in our excellent quality Lakeland Bakeware Range to suit, from specialist ones for bite-size bakes to ranges that let you build up beautiful tiered centrepieces — as well as tins for everything in between. We […]

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Make healthy snacks for your air fryer guide

There’s something incredibly satisfying, beyond the obvious indulgence, in regards to the sound and feel which come with biting into a totally fried food. That crisp and crunch, and of course the taste that comes from frying, can be challenging to leave for all those of us looking to be more mindful about healthy food […]

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Tips for a Clean, Fresh Microwave Oven Guide

To keep your microwave new, the best practice is to wash your microwave promptly following every use, but many people see this as a time-consuming chore. It does not have to be. When you’re ready to clean, check out a number of our best tips to make this simpler and more successful.Tried and TestedIf your […]

The difference between pouring kettle and teapot

While I was doing my usual intrepid java researcher thing recently, I came across a Huffington Post article titled”Stupid Coffee Accessories That You Don’t Need To Buy.” It’s hard to argue with some of the items listed, such as the $124.00 Starbucks pour-over stand, the hand-blown Chemex kettle, the $200.00 French Press, or an odd-looking […]

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Down the drain: Reduce trash with a food waste disposer buy

A food waste disposer can make cleanup after a huge meal or get-together a lot simpler. Sometimes known as a”garbage disposal,” those under-the-sink appliances give you an environmentally friendly option for disposing of food waste, one which retains your scraps out of landfills. The advantages food waste disposers can have on reducing trash volume are […]

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Wade Ceramics Milton Brook Mortar and Pestle

Once you’ve outfitted your home with some essential kitchen gear, another item that’s fun to own is a mortar and pestle. They’re great for grinding whole spices, crushing fresh herbs, preparing dry rubs for backyard cooking, making fresh salsa/guacamole/hummus/etc, and more. This iconic mortar and pestle from Wade Ceramics’ Milton Brook collection is a beautiful […]

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Kitchen Gizmo Simplified Sous Vide Immersion Circulator

For those who want to try sous vide cooking but find the price tag for a nice immersion cooker just a bit too high — for example, the $169 Anova 900-watt, which we briefly mentioned here — the Kitchen Gizmo sous vide machine is a not-as-fancy-but-still-reliable alternative that’s also easier on the wallet at $100 […]

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Pre-order the Anova Precision Cooker Nano

I guess I’ve got sous vide on the mind lately. The other day I wrote about the Kitchen Gizmo sous vide machine for the budget-minded, and today I’ll point your attention to Anova’s own upcoming competitor in that space: the Precision Cooker Nano. Clocking in at 25% smaller and a pound lighter than their previous […]

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OXO Good Grips POP Cereal Dispensing Containers

Suppose you come from a cereal-loving family with varying tastes and rates of speed when it comes to finishing a given box. Or, maybe you live a weird life where you bounce from campground to campground with the chance of being struck by an ant invasion at any time. (Not that I, uh, have any […]